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STOP and Breathe with ease.


Welcome to the Mayura Life website, let us help you get easy access to our video library loaded with content such as Breathwork, meditation, and movement to suit your current needs.

There are two elements to this platform;

The desktop version of the website and the My Spaces app by Wix.


The Spaces app allows you to view all videos with ease, any time and anywhere.

As a Clockwork employee, you have full access to the RECONNECT Plan, and we encourage you to explore what there is to offer.

There are sessions for day and night, work and home, short sessions and longer ones, each video has a time stamp on it so that you can fit it into your schedule.

  • Head over to the Plans and Pricing page and select JOIN THE COMMUNITY of the RECONNECT plan. 

  • Add in your details ensuring that you use your Clockwork email address and the Coupon code CLOCKWORK (All Caps) for payment

  • Now head over to your phone, and download the Spaces by Wix app

THAT’S IT, YOU ARE ALL SET UP! (If you have any issues, please do not hesitate to contact me!)


You only have to do this once. Once you have signed up, we will ensure that you have access as long as you are an employee of Clockwork.

Make sure to log in to view the videos.

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